Which vehicles are impacted by this recall?

The vehicles included in the Valve Spring recall are the 2012-2014 Impreza 2.0, 2013 Crosstrek, and the 2013 BRZ.  These models all have the 2.0L engine involved in the recall.

Description of the Safety Recall:

The 2.0L engines in the Subaru models listed above have valve springs that may fracture resulting in excessive or abnormal engine noise or cause the engine to stall.  An engine with a fractured spring valve could stall while in motion and the driver may not be able to restart the engine increasing the risk of an accident.

How is it fixed and how long will it take?

Engine valve springs will be replaced with new ones designed with increased durability strength.  This repair requires us to remove your engine from the vehicle.  As you can imagine, this may take some time but have no fear we've got the team to get this done!  We want you to be happy and safe with your Subaru so reach out and we'll schedule your safety recall repairs. We're happy to arrange a replacement vehicle if you need one during the repair process.

2013 Subaru Impreza 2.0 with Valve Spring Fracture Recall WTY-84
What should I do if I think my vehicle is affected?
Call Evergreen Subaru's Service Center at (207) 513-3939 to verify that the recall does apply to you and to schedule an appointment.