The Evergreen Subaru Team

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  • Josh Coron
    Service Technician

  • Anastazya "Ana" Mattox
    Parts Specialist

    Ana Mattox, Parts Specialist, has always loved and worked in the automotive field and has a strong commitment to the customer experience. 

    She is originally from Bar Harbor but grew up in Biddeford. She attended Central Maine Technical College and Southern Maine Technical College. 

    Ana adores being outside every chance she gets. She enjoys daily exercise to help herself "in mind, body and soul" and describes her perfect day as just hanging out with her kids and her dog, Baxter. 

  • Lucy
    Public Relations

    Lucy is the youngest member of our team - she started when she was just a pup - literally - at seven-weeks old and almost seven years later she's got her job down pat.  

  • She patrols the showroom for unguarded food.
  • She greets newcomers with a stop, drop and roll (and a request for a belly rub).
  • She helps delivery drivers by lightening their load of treats.
  • She attends staff meetings and stays just long enough to figure out if there will be food or not.
  • It's a busy day, but this Turner girl has the energy for that and more.
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  • Kris Orrok
    Service Technician

  • Chris Dunn
    Used Car Manager
    (207) 786-8500

    Originally from Auburn, Maine, Chris graduated from Edward Little High School. He attended the University of Maine and completed his Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 2012 and a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance in 2014. 

    Chris has a background in secondary market analysis and sustainable energy research project management. While working with the University of Maine Knowledge Transfer Alliance to promote and encourage small business success in Maine's rural markets, Chris gained experience in business development as well as performing in a consulting role. 

    Being an avid outdoorsman, Chris enjoys skiing in winter and sailing in the summer, and fully appreciates the privilege of living in the beautiful state of Maine. Chris is an automobile enthusiast all year round.

  • Bradley "Brad" Healy

    Brad Healy is a newer addition to our Service Department. He has always loved the automotive field and thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to be around cars and solve problems all day.

    He is originally from Topsham but now lives in Greene. He attended Lewiston High School.

  • Colby Brooks
    Sales Consultant

    Colby Brooks, Sales Consultant is new to car sales but has always loved working with people. He thoroughly enjoys creating a relaxing and comfortable shopping and buying experience for customers sharing, "buying a car should be fun!"

    He is originally from Auburn, Maine but reside with his own family in Turner. He attended Edward Little High School and studied Massage Therapy at Spa Tech.

    He and his wife Eliza have two sons, Jackson and Everett. He enjoys sports, fishing, the outdoors and spending time with family. 

  • Doug Weisz
    Managing Owner

    Doug Weisz is the Managing Owner of Evergreen Subaru and describes his background as "unconventional for a car dealer." He worked as a journalist (for Automobile Magazine), was a marketing guy for Jaguar Cars and an advertising copy writer/account director for an automotive-advertising agency in New Jersey.

    Doug describes that he got into the retail automotive business because he truly believes buying and servicing a car should be a world-class retail experience. 

    "It's that commitment to excellence that drove me to open Evergreen Subaru and it's that perspective that guides every decision I make running this business. We're here to serve our customers, and much of my days are spent helping our staff find more and better ways to help customers. 

    Doug lives in North Yarmouth with his wife Lynn and their children, Sarah and Jake and Black Lab, Lucy.

  • Joel Arel
    Service Manager

    Joel Arel was a founding member the Evergreen Subaru team when it opened its doors in 2005. And he still brings an unmatched energy and passion to his work. Joel has been recognized by coworkers and customers alike for his "can-do" attitude and his willingness to do whatever it takes to create a positive customer experience. 

    Joel is an Auburn native and loves all things automotive. He has worked in service and parts departments for the better part of his career. Of his job, Joel notes, "I love helping people with their car problems, finding solutions that make the most sense and getting them back on the road."

    Joel lives in Auburn with his wife, Linda, son, Tommy and cat, "Subie." He also has a daughter Allyson, who lives in Portland. 

    In his free time, Joel likes to "work on things," namely, cars, trucks, four- wheelers, boats, dirt bikes. Joel describes, "If it has an engine, I want to make it run!"He also enjoys fishing, kayaking, snowboarding and biking. 

  • Alex Allaire
    Service Technician

    Alex Allaire is a newer addition to Evergreen Subaru's Service team. 

    Alex notes that he "has always loved cars - taking them apart and putting them back together." He notes that he grew up watching his dad work on his cars. Even when he's not working, Alex shared that he's always "wrenching" cars - either building his own projects or helping a friend. 

    Alex is originally from and still resides in Turner, Maine. 

  • Angie Lafayette
    Sales Consultant

    Angie Lafayette is a newer addition to Evergreen Subaru's Sales Team and has hit the ground running with her friendly and approachable personality in working with customers. 

    Angie grew up in the south, while her father was in the Marine Corp. When he retired, her family moved to Lewiston, Maine where she attended and graduated from Lewiston High School.

    She has spent over fifteen years in sales and customer service positions. Of her role as a sales consultant at Evergreen Subaru, Angie notes, "It's such a great fit for me to work for a company that is so passionate about providing an experience for customers that is down-to-earth, friendly and feels like how you would treat family."

    In her free time, Angie loves spending time with her family - husband, Mike, eleven-year old son, Trey and seven-year old daughter, Savannah (and their dog, Sapphire and cat, Sky.) 

    (BTW - Angie recently starred in Evergreen Subaru's recent t.v. commercial. Check it out!)

  • Renee Bissonnette
    (207) 786-8500

    Renee Grant has been a wonderful new addition to the Evergreen Subaru team this year. Renee serves as the dealership's Controller and has responsibility for all accounting and administrative functions. 

    Renee is a Lewiston native and currently lives in Auburn. She went to Lewiston High School, received her degree in Business Administration at the University of New England and her graduate degree in Accounting at the University of Connecticut. She worked for seven years at a public accounting firm with a special focus on auto dealerships. 

    Renee loves spending time outdoors, camping, hiking and kayaking. She also loves the arts, especially photography and painting. She has two cats, Neptune and Lily.

  • Eric Verrill
    Service Technician

    Eric Verrill is a newer addition to our Service Team. He is originally and currently resides in Auburn and attended Edward Little High School and Central Maine Community College. 

    Of his role, he notes, "I absolutely love fixing cars! And it feels great to help customers feel comfortable and confident in their cars." 

  • Dustin Doherty
    Parts Manager

    Dustin Doherty is a newer addition to the Evergreen Subaru team, but is no stranger to helping customers get needed auto parts. 

    Of his role, Dustin notes, "I love taking care of customers and their needs. And it's really rewarding to build the kind of trust that brings them back time and time again." 

    Dustin is originally from Rockland but currently lives in Winthrop, Maine. 

  • Jake Keene
    Sales Consultant

    Jake Keene is a great newer addition to our Sales Team. Of his role, he describes that he loves the opportunity to meet new people and help them find the perfect car for them.

    Jake is from and currently lives in Livermore Falls. He attended Southern New Hampshire University. 

  • Josh Bisson
    Business Manager

    Josh Bisson leads our Business and Finance department. He has previously worked in the auto industry and his background is in banking.

    Of his role, Josh notes, "Coming from the banking world, I love being able to be the liaison between the customer and the lender. I really enjoy being able to work to get the customer the best financing and protection options possible so they can drive away with confidence."

    Josh also plays a lead role in chairing Evergreen Subaru's workplace culture initiative and is passionate about providing a great customer experience.

    Josh was born and raised in Brunswick, ME. He attended University of Southern Maine, where he studied business.

    He currently resides in Standish, ME with his wife Erin and their kids Matthew, Duncan and Sydney and their two dogs and cat. Josh is very active in his church and community.

  • Christian Duchette
    Sales Manager

    Christian Duchette has been a member of the Evergreen Subaru sales team for over six years. He originally came on board as a Sales Consultant and was promoted to Sales Manager.

    Christian cares passionately about the customer experience and prides himself on going the extra mile for customers. 

    Prior to working in the auto industry, Christian served in the Army for 15 years. He is actively involved in the community and is a huge supporter and advocate for adoption, since both of his children were adopted through DHHS when they were very young.

    Christian was born in Lewiston and currently resides in Auburn with his wife, Sarah, daughter, Alissa, son, Alex, dog, Piper, and cat, Charlie. He and his family enjoy spending time outdoors.

  • Lynn Weisz
    Marketing Manager
    (207) 786-8500 ext. 222

    Lynn Weisz joined the Evergreen Subaru team as Marketing Manager in 2012. Her role includes branding, marketing and public and community relations and human resources functions.

    Lynn's background includes marketing, fundraising and public relations across a broad range of industries, primarily in the nonprofit sector. 

    Of her role, Lynn shares, "I'm really proud to be able to tell the story about what a unique place Evergreen Subaru is and how our team goes above and beyond every day to take care of our customers."

    Originally from Pennsylvania, Lynn lives in North Yarmouth with her husband, Doug, two children, Sarah and Jake and Black Lab (a.k.a. Evergreen Subaru mascot) "Lucy." 

  • Kevin Crowell
    Sr. Sales Consultant

    Kevin has been a member of Evergreen Subaru's sales team since September 2013 and is committed to the customer experience.

    Early on, Kevin was awarded the dealership's prestigious "Extra Mile Award" for his consistent efforts to go above and beyond in providing a great experience for their customers. And he continues to earn that recognition every day in his work with customers.

    Previous to working at Evergreen Subaru, Kevin served as a manager at BJ's for twelve years. Kevin has deep roots in ensuring great customer care in a retail environment throughout his career.

    Kevin grew up in Auburn and attended Edward Little High School. He currently lives in Turner with his dog, KC. Kevin loves outdoor activities including motorcycling, snowmobiling, skiing and camping to name a few. He also loves building things: he has been building computers since he was a kid and he and his dad completely restored a 1933 Dodge together.

  • Randy Ducette
    Facilities and Maintenance Specialist

  • Greg Getchell
    Wash Bay Technician
    (207) 786-8500

  • Marc Joyal-Myers
    Assistant Business and Finance Manager
    (207) 786-8500

    Marc Joyal-Myers, Assistant Business and Finance Manager, loves meeting new people and has a personal passion for providing top-notch customer service. He is a member of Evergreen Subaru's "Culture Committee," working to create everyday opportunities to make the dealership a great place to work and a great place for customers to spend time.

    When asked what is his favorite part about this job, Mark shared, "The atmosphere - buying a car can be a scary experience, and everyone at Evergreen works hard to make it as easy going as possible. It feels great that our whole team is encouraged and empowered to go the extra mile for customers every chance we get."

    Marc lives in Auburn, ME but his childhood was split between Cape Cod, MA, Houston, TX and Gorham, ME. 

    One of his greatest passions is music - he plays every chance he gets. He also studied music at University of Southern Maine. Marc also loves being outdoors and hanging with his "right-hand man." Donovan, a Great Pyrenees/Border Collie.

  • Ashley Marquis
    Sales Consultant
    (207) 786-8500

    Ashley Marquis, Sales Consultant, joined Evergreen Subaru in Spring 2014. While she's dabbled in different jobs, Ashley has always loved cars (especially Subarus!) and really enjoys meeting new people and getting them into the perfect car for them.

    Ashley lives in Windham and went to Poland High School and University of Maine. She has a Pitbull named "Abbigail" (who thinks she is human) and enjoys reading and working on her own Subaru in her free time.

  • Robbie Johnson

  • Craig Chamberlain
    Sales Consultant

    Craig Chamberlain has been a member of Evergreen Subaru's sales team for almost three years.

    Craig notes that he loves to teach customers about Subarus. But  he also really enjoys learning interesting things in interacting with his customers. He has sold cars to people who lived in Abu Dhabi and Japan. Craig notes, "Meeting our customers makes my job feel interesting and fun."

    Craig was born and currently lives in Auburn with girlfriend, Brittany and sons Parker, 4, and twins Jackson and Lucas, who just turned one! 

    When not working, Craig loves to spend time with his family, play  softball and work out. 

  • Barry Dean
    Sales Consultant

    Barry Dean joined Evergreen Subaru as a Sales Consultant in 2010. About his job, Barry noted, "The people I meet everyday are the best part of my job. I love meeting new folks and helping them find the perfect car for them." Barry is known for taking great care of his customers, and was recognized with the dealership's prestigious, "Extra Mile Award" in 2013.

    Barry is originally from Chicago. He attended University of Maine, Orono and prior to selling cars, worked in the banking industry and selling RVs. Barry currently lives in Lewiston with his wife, Belinda. They have two teenage daughters, one in high school and the other in college. 

    Barry is incredibly active and loves hip hop and break dancing, golf, skiing and hiking.

  • Gilmay Lamarre
    Valet Driver

    Gilmay Lamarre serves as a Valet Driver at Evergreen, ensuring that our customers have the most convenient service experience possible.

    Gilmay was a school bus driver for 30 years, so she's no stranger to being behind the wheel. She really enjoys how varied her days can be and enjoys taking in Maine's beautiful scenery throughout the seasons. She also notes that it's great fun to meet customers and make their day a little easier. She also loves bringing special treats for our customers' four-legged friends when she's on a Valet run.

    Her farthest valet drive so far has been to Jackman (2 hours away). 

    Gilmay comes from a big family (she's one of TEN!) and was born and raised in Lewiston. 

  • Candice Lamontagne
    Service Advisor

    Candice has had experience in multiple departments at Evergreen - Parts, Sales and now Service. She says she's found her home in her service role. But regardless of the department in which she's worked, Candice notes that she loves meeting new people and is very passionate about Subarus. 

    Candice was born and raised in Auburn. She is very family oriented and loves spending time with her nieces and nephews. She also enjoys shopping, shooting and riding her motorcycle.

  • Mark MacArthur
    Spa Manager

    Mark MacArthur has been a member of the Evergreen Subaru team for two years and serves as the dealership's Facility and Inventory Specialist. Simply said, Mark makes sure that the dealership and cars on the lot always look their best and are ready for customers.

    Of his role, Mark notes, "I've always been taught that any job worth doing is worth doing right. I take a lot of pride in completing projects that help the customer have a positive experience in the dealership."

  • Trina Mercier
    Assistant Office Manager
    (207) 786-8500

    Trina Mercier joined Evergreen Subaru in May 2013 as our Assistant Office Manager. 

    Born in Rockwood, ME, Trina has lived in Lewiston and Bangor and attended University of Maine, Orono. She has worked her way up to management positions within retail and banking, ultimately serving as the AVP of Operations before coming on board at Evergreen Subaru.

    She and her husband have two children, Nate (15) and Madison (12).  When asked how she likes to spend her free time, she jokes, "I have no free time :). My two children seem to play every sport and musical instrument, so we keep pretty busy with lessons and games.  We love sports, so if we're not at one of their games, we enjoy going to professional games.  We are big on camping and enjoy the great outdoors during the summer."

  • Ryan Pablo
    Sales Consultant

    Ryan Pablo is a new great addition to Evergreen Subaru's sales team but is no stranger to selling cars. He has been in car sales since 1995. 

    About sales, Ryan notes, "I love that no day and no person is the same. It's always interesting and really rewarding to meet new people."

    Ryan also remembers when he bought his first car at 20 years old. He was so excited initially and then so crushed that the sales people on the lot weren't very helpful or interested in him or his business. 

    "That experience left a real impression on me," Ryan described. "I remember it every day when I work with customers and make sure that I always treat people the way I want to be treated - with respect and genuine interest in helping them."

    Ryan was born in the Lewiston/Auburn area but with his dad being in the military, he also lived in Chicago, Philadelphia, California and Montana. He is the youngest of five children.

    Ryan lives in Auburn and is a single dad to 6-year old daughter, Eva. He enjoys spending his free time with his daughter and loves going to the beach with her.

  • Scott Randall
    Service Advisor

    Scott Randall has 15 years experience working in automotive service departments. He loves the opportunity to meet new people and provide them with a exceptional car care experience.

    Scott is a member of Evergreen Subaru's workplace culture committee and believes that a great customer experience starts with a great place to work.

    Born and raised in Auburn, Maine, Scott graduated from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. He lives in Auburn currently with his wife of ten years, Rachel and their three daughters.  In his free time, he enjoys downhill skiing, riding his bicycle and motorcycle. He's also a home beer brewer and huge Red Sox fan.

  • Nick Salvati
    Fully Certified Subaru Technician
    (207) 513-3939

    Nick joined Evergreen Subaru the week before we opened, or as he's fond of saying, before they even had a trash can in place! He's been in the car business his whole life (his dad had a dealership on Long Island).

    On his own time he keeps busy as a welder and taking part in historic reenactments (French, Indian wars, mostly). Nick is also the vehicle fabricator for the eppybird Coke and Mentos Car.

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