Regular oil changes are the easiet and most important part of keeping your Subaru in top running condition. Missed oil changes can dramatically affect the condition of your vehicle's engine.

If you're due for an oil change, make an appointment online or call our service team at 888-928-5501.

Why is it important to have regular oil changes?

Oil is the life-blood of your car's engine. Over time, oil can accumulate contaminants, making it difficult to flow properly which can clog your engine. Putting off oil
changes can lead to irreversible damage to your engine. Regular oil maintenance will keep your engine running longer and cleaner and prevent corrosion. 

Can I change my own oil?

We recommend that you have your oil changed at our Service Center to ensure that your Subaru is in tip top shape. When we service your Subaru, we do much more than just change your oil. As part of our multi-point inspection, we check and top off your fluids as well as inspect your brakes and tires. We even go the extra mile by hand-washing your car. 

How do I know when it's time for an oil change?

If your Subaru uses synthetic oil, we recommend getting an oil change every 6,000 miles.

If you have your car serviced with Evergreen Subaru regularly, you can refer to the sticker on the top left inside area of your windshield. This will give you the date and mileage for your next oil change. 

Depending on the age and model of your car, oil change intervals can vary. It's always best to refer to your owner's manual for recommended maintenance schedule.  

What is synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil is a refined and distilled compound. It is processed, removing impurities from crude oil. Synthetic oil provides better levels of protection than conventional oil, and as a result, keeps your engine at top performance. Synthetic oil is used in most newer Subaru models.

How long does it usually take to have an oil change at Evergreen Subaru?

If you schedule your appointment ahead of time, oil service takes about an hour.

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