Evergreen How To Videos

Eek! My Check Engine Light just came on! Now what? Evergreen Subaru Technician, Robbie Johnson shares some thoughts on when to call for Roadside Assistance and when to drive to your nearest service station.

Uh-oh, my Low Tire Pressure light just came on! What do I do? Is it safe to drive it to get it serviced? Evergreen Subaru's Service Manager, Joel Arel share some info and tips.

Kevin Crowell, Asst Sales Manager at Evergreen Subaru, demonstrates how simple it is to change the clock in your Subaru.

It's super easy to pair your cell phone in your Subaru. Here is Asst. Sales Manager, Kevin Crowell doing a demo in a 2015 Legacy. Models vary - so feel free to call Evergreen Subaru at 207-786-8500 if you have any questions.
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