Pre-Owned Vehicle Shopping Tip: Check the Cost of Ownership

When considering which pre-owned vehicle to buy, there are a couple things to consider besides a vehicle's price and features. There's also the cost of ownership to factor into your decision.

Every model and year of a vehicle is different, and two vehicles of the same model and year will have different mileage and maintenance histories. This makes judging a vehicle's future reliability difficult. The place to start is the model's dependability ratings. Other costs of ownership include insurance, depreciation, and normal maintenance costs. When you factor in all of these costs...

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Have you been searching for the perfect vehicle?

Finding a vehicle you can count on is easy when you consider a hatchback. Did you know that hatchbacks offer an assortment of perks and benefits you're sure to love? Here's what you need to know.

Hatchbacks offer a unique design that is both luxurious and beautiful. Enjoy driving in style and in comfort when you choose this type of vehicle. You'll also be able to enjoy plenty of cargo space. The hatchback design ensures you're able to efficiently and easily store your belongings, groceries, and luggage without any hassle or stress.

Come find out more…

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Using Clay Bar When Detailing Ensures Smooth Finish

If you run your fingers over the surface of your vehicle and feel assorted rough spots, you should invest in a fine grade bar of clay to help remove surface contaminants. Contaminants can range from tar, bug residue, and brake dust to industrial fallout. Our detailing experts at Evergreen Subaru in Auburn, ME want to introduce you to the many advantages of using a clay bar during the detailing process.

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Emergency Kit 411

You can never be too prepared, especially when out on the open road. There is no shortage of advice regarding what constitutes a reasonable emergency roadside kit. The most critical item to keep in your vehicle at all time is a set of jumper cables. Comfort items including blankets, a first aid kit, nonperishable snacks, and bottled water can also prove to be invaluable in an emergency situation. 

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One Little Light That Can Save Lives – TPMS

What’s the leading cause of severe accidents in Auburn? Is it bad weather? Negligent driving? No, it’s the surprise tire blow out – resulting in loss of control of the vehicle and untold chaos following that. Thankfully, most of these incidents can be avoided by simple tire maintenance and keeping a close eye on the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring sensors). If this light comes on, it means one of a few things, most of them pretty serious …

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Signs Your Transmission is In Trouble

While your transmission doesn't need a ton of maintenance, you can run into trouble when your transmission isn't working properly. Some vehicles don't require transmission fluid changes until 100,000 miles, but you should have your fluid checked during routine oil changes to make sure it is full.

When your vehicle doesn't engage into gear right away or is shaking while you drive it at any speed, you could have problem with your transmission. 

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Evergreen on Subaru Photo Contest


Okay, so admittedly we might be biased.  But we think Subarus and trees are a pretty amazing combination.

Subaru us your holiday spirit Subaru style! 

  • Snap a picture of your holiday tree on top of your Subaru and post it to our Facebook page by or before midnight on December 23 and you could win a $50 Subaru gear gift card. 

  • Please use the hashtag #EvergreenonSubie (or if you'd rather, just email…
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"I thought I'd never drive again." -Sherry, Subaru Owner

"I had less than half a second to think about which angle of my car would take the impact of the crash," said Sherry Bedard, Subaru owner.

You never think it will happen to you, but on September 5th, when Sherry was heading to pick her daughter up from school, an older women suddenly pulled out her car from nowhere, as Sherry was driving 50 mph directly at it. 

She felt the crash. Her airbag…
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Announcing Our New Local Partner for Subaru's "SHARE THE LOVE" Campaign


For the past five years, Subaru of America has donated an amazing $25 million to a range of national charities through its "Share the Love" initiative. In a nutshell, for each new Subaru sold between Thanksgiving and New Year's - Subaru will donate $250 to the charity of the customer's choice (among five national charities.)


And in the sixth year, Subaru has added an exciting new addition to the program. Each dealership has the…

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