How to Handle the Aftermath of an Auto Accident

Knowing how to handle a car accident is critical. At Evergreen Subaru, we have a few tips to help you get through the process.

Try to keep your emotions in check. Talk with the other driver and find out if there are any injuries. You can call 911 if there are injuries. Otherwise, you’ll want to call the police department to report the crash. Take some photos and move the vehicles off of the road. Then, share your personal and insurance information. This may be handled by a police officer or on your own. Much of it will depend on whether an officer is dispatched and if the other driver is willing to share on their own accord.

If there are any witnesses, collect their information, too. Once you have all pertinent information and the accident has been reported, you can leave the scene. Then, it’s important to call the insurance company so that you can file a claim.



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