Fuel Economy Tips for Your Weekend Adventures

Driving is often an essential part of your daily life, especially if you work every day or have children who might need to go somewhere during the day. That doesn't that you want to spend half of your paycheck putting gas in your car. One way to improve fuel economy is to take your foot off the gas pedal. Avoid speeding or giving your car more gas than is necessary while driving.

Use the fuel that's recommended for your vehicle. If you don't have to use a higher grade of fuel, then you'll save money. However, you might not want to use the lowest grade as your fuel economy could suffer because of the quality of the gas that you purchase. Evergreen Subaru can examine your car if you suspect that you have put bad gas in the tank.

Try to monitor the weight of your vehicle. Avoid carrying a lot of extra weight inside as it can put more pressure on the motor. If there's more strain on the motor and the rest of the vehicle, then it can decrease your fuel economy.



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