How to Jump Start a Car

Some motorists dread the thought of a dead battery, but with just a little preparation, any motorist can master the knowledge and skill required to get their engine started again.

Line the functioning car next to the one with the dead battery, ensuring both are turned off. Place the red jumper clamp onto the positive terminal of the dead battery and place the other red clamp on the positive terminal of the functioning battery. Place the black clamp on the negative terminal of the functioning battery. Take care not to touch the clamps accidentally, as the cables are now live. Take the final black clamp and place it on a metal, non-moving engine part, such as a bracket. Start the functioning vehicle, then start the vehicle with the dead battery.

If your battery is experiencing problems, bring your vehicle to Evergreen Subaru. We can diagnose the issue and replace your battery or conduct any repairs necessary to have you back on the road quickly.



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