Windshield Chip Repair Information

A chip in your windshield doesn't have to be the end of this important piece of glass on your car. If you can get the chip repaired soon after it occurs, then you can often prevent any further cracking and spreading along the glass.

There are some repairs that aren't as easy to fix and could require a new windshield, but this is still a repair that can be completed in a short time. While you're driving, anything can hit your windshield and create a chip. If the details are in a tight appearance and don't appear to have any streaks along the edges, then a Subaru technician can usually apply a resin that will make it look like a new area of the glass.

If you notice any kind of separation between the chip and the bottom layers of the glass, then more resin might be needed for the repair. A chip that looks like a spiderweb can usually be fixed as long as it's less than a few inches in diameter.



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