Rotate Your Tires for Safety and Longevity

A tire rotation is something a car owner needs to have done every 5,000 miles or as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. When you get your oil changed, it is the perfect time to rotate the tires. But, why should you have the tires rotated in the first place?

Rotating the tire means moving tires from one corner of the vehicle to another. This rotation helps keep the tread wear even on all tires, and it maximizes tread life. Keeping the tread even helps keep the handling and traction consistent. Even tire wear helps reduce wear on drive train components.

Tires can be rotated front to back and side to side. In some cases, it's recommended to rotate them both ways. Having your routine maintenance done at the service department here at Evergreen Subaru to ensure your tires get rotated as recommended. Set an appointment today for tire rotation and any other automotive needs you have.



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