Why is Oil Viscosity Important?

Chances are you know that your vehicle must have different types of oil in summer and winter. Technicians will commonly refer to this difference as the oil's weight, but what it really refers to is the oil's viscosity. The term describes how easily the oil flows through the engine.

Most of the time, your vehicle will receive a multi-viscosity oil, such as a 10W30. which means it can resist flow at different temperatures. The first number designates viscosity when the engine temperature is low, while the number after the W describes the flow when the engine is hot. Depending on your vehicle, it may need a 10W40 oil in summer to maintain lubrication when temperatures are hotter.

You never have to worry about selecting the right oil when you bring your vehicle in for service at Evergreen Subaru in Auburn. Our technicians always make sure to use the right formulation.



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