One Little Light That Can Save Lives – TPMS

What’s the leading cause of severe accidents in Auburn? Is it bad weather? Negligent driving? No, it’s the surprise tire blow out – resulting in loss of control of the vehicle and untold chaos following that. Thankfully, most of these incidents can be avoided by simple tire maintenance and keeping a close eye on the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring sensors). If this light comes on, it means one of a few things, most of them pretty serious …

First, damage to tires doesn’t always result in instantly going flat. Lots of damage is small, and tires are engineered to lose air slowly, using pressure to close any holes in them. They also lose pressure naturally, about 1psi per month. If your TPMS light comes on, inspect for damage and do a pressure check with a proper gauge. Stay on top of pressure checks – do so at least twice a month.

Temperature can mess with pressure too – cold weather reduces pressure while hot weather increases it. Usually, if tires are cold, the light will extinguish when they warm up. If heat’s doing it, consider letting a bit of air out (don’t forget to replace it if the warming trend comes to a halt).

To learn more about TPMS, other causes for it to light up and more tips for tire safety, come visit our service center here at Evergreen Subaru, where we’re always happy to help.

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