Using Clay Bar When Detailing Ensures Smooth Finish

If you run your fingers over the surface of your vehicle and feel assorted rough spots, you should invest in a fine grade bar of clay to help remove surface contaminants. Contaminants can range from tar, bug residue, and brake dust to industrial fallout. Our detailing experts at Evergreen Subaru in Auburn, ME want to introduce you to the many advantages of using a clay bar during the detailing process.

Detailing clay rubbed across the surface of your vehicle can help remove tiny particles that mere washing doesn't. Use of a clay bar helps to leave a clean and smooth finish on your car or truck so that wax or other sealants adhere better. Use a quality grade lubricant with the clay to prevent damage and work in small sections so that the lubricant doesn't dry out. Move only in one direction with a light touch for best results at removing contaminants.

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