"I thought I'd never drive again." -Sherry, Subaru Owner

"I had less than half a second to think about which angle of my car would take the impact of the crash," said Sherry Bedard, Subaru owner.

You never think it will happen to you, but on September 5th, when Sherry was heading to pick her daughter up from school, an older women suddenly pulled out her car from nowhere, as Sherry was driving 50 mph directly at it. 

She felt the crash. Her airbag inflated. And the impact was deafening. But Sherry was able to open her door and walk out with some minor injuries.

The impact of the accident on Sherry's comfort level to get in a car again, however was significant. "I didn't think I would ever drive again," she described.

Slowly, she started thinking about another Subaru. When I drove up to Evergreen Subaru, she notes, "I was cautiously shopping - not really sure if I was ready yet."

"I feel like I was meant to meet our salesman, Barry Dean. He wasn't pushy. He was genuinely concerned about us and it showed." She described that Barry helped her take her time and find a safe, comfortable car on her terms, on her timetable. 

"I knew I was dealing with a great person and dealership when Barry stopped what he was doing at one point to read my daughter a Barbie book while my husband and I were talking."

Sherry describes, "I love my bright orange Crosstrek. I went from never wanting to drive again to feeling right at home." Yesterday Sherry took a ride to North Conway with a friend and felt safe and comfortable in her new ride. 

THANK YOU for sharing your story with us, Sherry. We're so proud to represent a vehicle that protects its precious cargo as well as Subaru does. And we're so incredibly privileged to help you and your family find something in which you can feel confident and safe. Wishing you many happy and safe miles.



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