Love at First Eyesight


Okay, I'll admit it. I was an EyeSight skeptic. When I first heard it described it seemed like fussy, overly complicated technology. There are those two cameras pointing out the windshield that need a little TLC (like extra awareness of them when cleaning the inside of the windshield), but forget about all that. Using the technology is to love it. 

EyeSight has several impressive benefits including: 

Adaptive Cruise Control

As roads get more and more crowded - even here in rural Maine - traditional cruise control is becoming less useful. There's just never that clear stretch of road where you can "set it and forget it." You're constantly either adjusting the speed, tapping the break or switching the system off after a brief use. 

That all changes with EyeSight. Cruise control becomes a pleasure and you truly can SET IT AND FORGET IT! Turn it on and select a speed and it'll adjust for traffic as you reach it. 

The advantages on the highway are obvious, but the pleasant surprise was its advantages on rural country roads. As you encounter traffic, it adjusts. Setting trailing distance is simple and intuitive. And a construction zone or a red light is an astounding experience if you allow yourself to let EyeSight continue to have control. It's almost physically challenging NOT to tap a pedal, but if you let the system work its magic, it will bring you to a complete halt. When traffic ahead starts moving again, it'll prompt you to tap the gas pedal, at which point it'll take over again. It's amazing!

Lane Drift Alarms

There are other benefits, as well, such as lane drift alarms that let you know when you're crossing a line on the road. Oh, and of course the system is smart enough to know when you mean to cross a line (if the turn signal is on there's no alert). 

Collision Avoidance Indicator

The system also has a collision avoidance indicator that comes into play at slower speeds, detecting objects and applying full braking power if the driver doesn't react in time. 

This is amazing stuff that you really have to experience to appreciate. Stop in and see us to take a Subaru with EyeSight for a spin so you can see for yourself how impressive this technology really is!


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