WOW - Subaru Tops In The Industry

We've always been big believers in the Subaru product line - and the people of Maine seem to share that opinion. Subaru is the 4th most popular vehicle in Maine, beating out Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, GMC and the list goes on. And on. 

It seems that the rest of the country is catching on. There have been some well regarded third-party endorsements of The Subaru product line. Look for yourself! 

Obviously we're thrilled about the news. To celebrate, we've designed an Impreza Order Special for the month of March. As you can imagine, the recent news has increased demand and put pressure on the already tight supply of cars. No matter - get the exact one you want, in the color you want by placing an order. Here's why this is a good idea:
  • We'll knock $1,000 off the price.
  • We'll hold the value of your trade-in while the order is being filled. As long as the condition of your vehicle doesn't change, and as long as you don't travel more than $10,000 miles while you're waiting for your new car, the trade number you negotiate when you place your order is the number you'll get when your order comes in. That's like DRIVING FOR FREE for those miles.
  • At delivery, you'll get a $250 Accessory Certificate that can be used for the purchase of Genuine Subaru Accessory here at the store.  
Call 786-8500 for more details, or e-mail us at
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